Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Symbols and Root

When you are caring about only visible things,
You may not be able to see what is important.
Symptoms appeared in the body are,
Messages from the inside of the body that cannot be seen.

When you see only the symptoms appeared on the surface,
It ends up with the treatment like a whack-a-mole.
Without working on the deep inside of such symptoms,
Chasing with appeared symptoms never ends.

This is not limited to the body matters.
It can be applied to all symptoms surrounding us.
Worry, fear, anger, each event inducing such emotions
Is symbolizing what lies in the depth.

However, you shouldn't forget that all visible phenomena,
Including symptoms appeared on the body, are merely symbols.
That is not the core where to work on.

No matter how much the values of the test result are tampered,
It does not mean the cure of the disease, surely.
Nobody makes efforts for such a silly thing.
The appeared result is merely symbols.

The essence is the vital energy coming from the root.
When the root changes,
Its results also change naturally.
What a waste of energy,
To put your energy on attempting to change the symbols.

*This is translated from N sensei's blog.