Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Shakuju Therapy one-day seminar

Recently, we held a one-day seminar at Taishodo acupuncture clinic.

We had a student named Zach Olesinski who's Canadian, and he works as acupuncturist.

He had interested in japanese acupuncture and happened to have a chance to read "Acupuncture Core Therapy" written by Shoji Kobayashi.

And not only japanese style acupuncture, but he likes japan especially green tea and ceramics. He likes green tea more than coffee …hmm~…excellent♪

Well, the seminar had a lecture & practice from 10a.m. to 5:30p.m..

The seminar went on while making sure each time if he've understood everything.

Whenever he had a question, he was able to  ask on the spot. That was one of advantages one-on-one seminar.

He had already read "Acupuncture Core Therapy" thoroughly so his questions were to the point.

He also asked some questions from a clinical point of view. It seems he was able to  get a deeper understanding of Shakuju Therapy in the end.

 I'm sure he will take advantage of what he learned this time to be a better acupuncturist and hopefully more and more people in Canada will be interested in Shakuju Therapy.

When I'm in situation like this, I feel shakuju therapy is spreading step by step beyond the sea and I'm glad with it truly.

Also, I was very impressed by his enthusiasm to learn something new.

I would feel too shy to contact an unknown organization in a foreign country and ask them to hold a seminar for me.

His braveness made it happen!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Mori sensei,
Translator Masaki,
We had a long but productive day.
Good Job!!

Hikari Yokoi

New President

As of April first, Mr. Osamu hara was appointed as President of Shakuju Association, and Shoji Kobayashi, the former president, became an honorary president.