Thursday, August 2, 2012


Whether one has heat or not is scaled by a thermometor, but it can be also known by comparing the pulse rate, the temperature of the forehead and languor with one's normal condition.

Rather, it is far more important to get accustomed to judge one's own condition of the body than  caring about deciminal one or two numbers showed in the thermometor. One can lighten the psychological burden to taking account of small change of temperature. 

Except high fever, there is no criteria, such as more than what degree may harm the body, and also heat is not necessary to be shown as high fever in the thermometor all the time,  it is very important to know the condition of heat checking disorders of the body. 

Heat symptoms are evaluated from the body conditions, such as fatigue, the color of the face gets red, the whole body, of course the forehead as well, is getting hot, increased pulse rate and so on. 

Heat indicates that the movement of qi of the body gets overactive, but one should not judge to lower the temperature as soon as one gets feverish. Fever is the condition that one cannot control the heat because the power of qi of inner organs to govern the movement of  the body smoothly decreases and brings coldness in the center of the body. Basically, the body needs a rest, so it is better not to lower temperature forcibly to work or something. 

1. When one gets fever, one tends to think to use an ice bag to alleviate fever, but it should be done after the treatment such as acupuncture. The treatment is to give power to the qi of the body and to diminish the coldness of the core of the body, so if one uses an ice bag after the treatment, it does not cool the body so much. 

2. When one has fever, one should not take a bath. Taking a bath is consuming the qi of the body, so it deteriorates the fever more. 

3. Slight fever continuing for a long time, sudden high fever, symptoms with a chill, strong pain somewhere in the body, such as the head and the abdomen, something wrong with one's consciousness are emergency conditions, requiring professional examination and treatment. 

*This article is translated from "Yamai hitokuchi Memo" p. 163-4, written by Shoji Kobayashi, 2005.