Friday, August 24, 2012

Consciousness (3) ―Supplemental treatments

The fifth lecture of advanced course is about reference points which had not been covered by the last lecture. Yes, it was meant to continue the rest of reference points, but the lectures went beyond, and Kobayashi sensei talked about even supplemental treatments, it didn't happen before (-_-;).

Rather, it was easier to talk about it with the explanation of supplemental treatments. The most of supplemental treatments used at the present are what are used additionally as the words suggest, when the deficiency of Jin-qi has not been tonified enough by the back-shu points treatment as the basic treatment.

Especially, such supplemental treatments are used mostly in the case of trauma. Trauma means that the affected part was directly damaged, so the cause itself exists there, therefore, one has to deal with the problem lies there. There would be two different approaches; one is to access there directly (the bloodletting at the neck in the cases such as a whiplash) and the other is to approach at the point slightly apart from the affected area itself (Jin-well point for the sprained ankle). In addition, sometimes points at CV line are used considering the meaning of CV line related to why using the back shu points. In such cases, it is possible to approach with a filiform needle and moxibustion, but depending on points, bloodletting and Chinetsu-kyu may become essential, and you might think "again!" but, it is neccesary to use consciousness (with a Teishin needle).