Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dried skin

The condition of little sweat progresses further, the skin gets dry. This indicates the power of qi of inner organs is getting worse than the previous stage, but where to get dry depends on the deviation of qi.

The condition of dryness proceeds more, the skin gets harder and it sometimes can be said as scleroderma.

Let us apply the same point of view to the dried skin in the winter and the dried skin for old people. The winter is the season when the flow of qi of inner organs generally gets settled quietly, and so are the seasons of autumn and winter of the life.

(1) First, it is important to look back at your lifestyle. Avoid the lifestyle with "over" something, such as overwork and overeating.
(2) The natural moisture of the skin is different from being rubbed with oil from the surface, so using the lotion to the dry skin is merely stopgap measures.
(3) The habit of using lotions and cosmetics makes the qi of the skin being rubbed up and inactive, so it is difficult to get the natural moisture of the skin.

*This article is translated from "Yamai hitokuchi memo" p. 177-8, written by Shoji Kobayashi, 2005. Articles of this book were meant to be written for patients who came to Taishido Acupuncture Clinic.