Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fire Alarm

Reference points are like fire alarms. If the deficiency of Jin qi itself were the origin of a fire, reference points that appear in the body were like a fire alarm hung on the wall. This is the phrase of Kobayashi sensei.

It means that even if the fire alarm rings loudly there, it is not the origin of a fire. We have to make sure that the point of treatment is the origin of fire, and as long as the fire is still smoldering, the fire alarm keeps on making sound.

However, in fact, the fire alarm is not the only one ringing. "Sensei, here is a fire alarm ringing." "No, this is not a fire alarm, but a telephone." "Oh, this is an alarm clock." Many other things, which are not related with the origin of fire, are also ringing.

The thing is, if you want to treat the origin of a fire, namely the deficiency of Jin qi, you have to choose which are the fire alarms connected to the origin of a fire alarm, and treat checking only such reference points. However, those who are not sure which is the fire alarm, ends up needling or perform moxibustion on all ringing points in their treatment.

But, you learn such reference points connected to the origin of a fire in the seminar; which one and from which angle. That's it. Because they are only those connected to the origin. Many people tend to think about needling only, but as a fact, if you can find out such fire alarms, the main part of treatment procedure is over.

* This article is translated from Japanese Shakuju Association blog.