Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About Shakuju Therapy (5)

In Shakuju therapy, the cause of any symptoms is considered "the deficiency of Jin-qi".  So, treatment is tonifying the deficient Jin-qi, precisely speaking, the pathological deficient Jin-qi.

The Jin-qi in Shakuju therapy is the "vital energy" in other words. Any human being gets old and dies in the end inevitably. Nobody can live infinitely, and treatment to prolong life is impossible. If possible, rejuvenation also becomes possible.

The vital energy is consumed inevitably as one gets older. However, the problem is that one consumes the vital energy more than necessary amount by his/her lifestyle or intemperance. This consumed amount exceeding the original amount is considered as the cause of diseases. This pathetically deficient Jin-qi is what acupuncture treatment is aiming at tonifying.

The living person is soft and warm, or rather hot, the clump of heat. On the other hand, the dead person gets hard and cold. When one becomes sick and gets worse and worse, the person dies. Here, we call the condition of sickness as "cold".

The cold in Shakuju therapy (Hie), refers to not the cold in a narrow sense, such as merely sensitivity of cold, but the cold in a wider sense like this. As pursuing grasping human bodies in Oriental way, we call such cause of any diseases as the cold (Hie), which is easily understandable for the contemporary people. (Please refer to "Acupuncture Core Therapy".)

Shakuju therapy has seminars mainly in Tokyo, but we have seminars in Osaka and Hokkaido in Japan as well. For overseas practitioners, we usually have the annual seminar in summer, however, we are going to have Shakuju Therapy Seminar in Hawaii in March. Hoping many acupuncturists all over the world know Shakuju Therapy. If you are interested in Shakuju Therapy, this is the chance!

Shakuju Therapy Workshop in Hawaii 2012
Date: March 23 - 25, 2012 from 10am - 5pm
Place: Sheraton Keauhou Resort & Spa in Kona, Hawaii, USA
Fee: Early Bird Rate: $400 (before March 1) / Regular Tuition: $430
CEUs: 15 CEUs for CA / 18 for NCCAOM (pending)
For more details, please visit