Sunday, February 2, 2014

“Acute Low Back Pain is the Enormous Fatigue”

“Acute Low Back Pain is the Enormous Fatigue”
Shoji Kobayashi

There are many patients who come to the clinic due to acute low back pain. For example, a woman who came to the clinic recently, visited her daughter in San Francisco. On the day of her arrival in SF, as soon as she bent her body downward to take the luggage, the acute pain ran through her left low back and she could not move. She had to rest for a while, then, came back to Japan.

In the view of Western medicine, 70% of acute low back pain’s causes are unknown. It is rare that you can find the disorder of the bone of low back by X-ray. Acute low back pain is also called as “intervertebral sprain”.  When bending the body, the tendons that stabilize the vertebrae are lengthened, and the pain occurs. So, usually speaking, it is very rare to have the disorder of bones.

It is very interesting that the most patients complaining the acute low back pain have no pressure pain objectively (pressed by others) on the area where they feel the pain. Sometimes, there is a muscle tension, but there is no anatomical problem there.

However, why do they feel such a pain due to the slight movement? It is a mystery.

It is similar to the mechanism of chemical sensitivity. For example, the sick house syndrome is the physical constitution reacting sensitively to the volatile chemicals in the paint of the wall and the glue of the wall paper of the new building.

In addition to the allergic body tendency, easy to react to such chemicals, one has been absorbing the volatile chemicals little by little for a long time. As a result, the new stimulation of the volatile chemical to the maximum permissible amount, the symptom appears suddenly. Imagine a glass filled with water as much as having surface tension. When adding a drop of water to the glass, the water spills out. Chemical sensitive is similar to this.

Let us apply this mechanism to the acute low back pain. As one is very tired, the body condition is very unstable, easy to lose the balance of muscle tissues of the low back with a little stimulation. When trying to carry the luggage or sneezing, pressure is applied to the low back, and the acute low back pain occurs.
Here, it is said that the most cases of acute low back pain are healed after taking the good rest. It is true that when one takes a rest, one can recover from the fatigue and pain disappears, but it indicates that the fatigue is the main cause of the acute low back pain.

It can be said that the 70% of acute low back pain which causes are unknown stem from the accumulated fatigue for a long time, as well as the most diseases, that the tiredness of the body lie underneath.

30 % of acute low back pain with obvious causes is due to things, such as the bone disorder. However, for example, even if the intervertebral disk hernia is found, when you think seriously, why one has the disk hernia? The cause of it would be the true cause. So, the disk hernia is just a trigger of the acute low back pain.

By the way, the woman mentioned above had high fever, close to 38 ℃ (100.4 Fahrenheit) after the treatment. Then, the left low back pain disappears, but the pain moved to the left back behind the heart, and next week, her left knee started to be painful.

This indicates that after the treatment, the tension all over the body started to be loosened. This lady understands the treatment policy of acupuncture very well, so she understood that “the pain moved” without panic.

However, in fact, this is not that the pain moved, but the distinguishing pain was resolved and the next stage pain appeared. The fatigue of the body was layered, and the body started to heal from the surface layer. After the next treatment, all pain of the whole body disappeared.

Here, how to prevent acute low back pain? Answering this question simply, “not to accumulate fatigue”, that’s it.

The top cause of accumulated fatigue is lack of sleep. Nothing can be substituted for sleep. In addition, when you are extremely tired, refrain from taking a bath, because it would make your body very cold and led to the fatigue.

Acute low back is troublesome because it can easily recur, so the prevention is extremely important.

*This is a translation of the article in the monthly magazine, "Will", February 2014.