Saturday, June 8, 2013


Trauma is receiving an injury of qi from the outside. The extent of healing of it is depending on one's congenital strength. Trauma includes those without bleeding, such as bruise and sprain, those with bleeding such as cut, burn, frostbite, those from chemicals and biological toxins such as bee bite.

Bruise weakens the power of qi on the affected area, and the surrounding part receives its negative influence as well. Those with bleeding are rather good thing, when the amount of blood is  a little, it reduces the bad influence on the surrounding tissue.

Burn and frostbite means the death of qi on the area, and it requires the professional treatment when the affected area is huge. Both chemicals and biological toxins suppress the movement of qi of the body, the speed spreading through the whole body is rapid, so it requires the fast proper treatment.

(1) When you get bleeding with a little cut, let the blood come out a little, then apply moxa on the scar, then put the plaster on it.
(2) For burn, let the affected are cool down with running water for around thirty minutes, and the degree and area of burn is light, put moxa and a plaster, or apply Shiunko, the Kampo ointment made by Seishu Hanaoka.
For frostbite, if the degree is light, massage the area well.
(3) For chemical toxin trauma, firstly, wash off the chemicals on the affected area well.

*This article is translated from "Yamai hitokuchi memo" p. 186-7, written by Shoji Kobayashi, 2005. Articles of this book were meant to be written for patients who came to Taishido Acupuncture Clinic.