Saturday, January 12, 2013

Swelling, rash, eczema and itchiness of the body

All these symptoms; swelling, rash, eczema and itchiness of the body, are considered as skin diseases, but except cases caused by the outside, such as mosquito bites, generally it is assumed that skin diseases are due to the problems of the inside of the body.

The qi  power of the core of the body, that is expressed as inner organs, gets too weakened to attract qi of the whole body, so it appear as rash on the surface of the skin. The light one is itchiness, then swelling, and it changes to pain in serious cases. 

There are two ways of declining power of inner organ qi, congenital and acquired ones. The congenital way is one's constitution, so one can understand its strength to some extent when observing and talking with one's parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives. For example, when one was in his/her mother's womb, the mother was unwell or she had a hard time in labor, these become congenital bad causes.

On the other hand, the acquired is resulting from the lifestyle which weaken inner organ qi, the lifestyle to make one's body cold. In this case, chilling the body means consuming cold beverages though one does not use one's body much; for example, drinking beer or whisky with ice everyday, or drinking juice frequently.

As a special case, rashes often appear when the mother had a hard time in labor, for example giving birth to twins or triples. This is due to the severe exhaustion of energy, so one cannot control qi of the body. I this case, one should avoid not only cold beverages, but also high nutritional value foods.

Atopic dermatitis (atopy is congenital hypersensitivity and also called as allergic dermatitis) is due to strong congenital elements, for example, the mother took cold foods and beverages during pregnancy or giving the child high nutritious foods too much during the weaning period.

(1) Stop drinking cold beverages completely.
(2) When waking up in the morning, drink one or two cups of hot water before taking any other things into your stomach.
(3) Continue these two things for a week or ten days.
(4) Hot water here means plain boiled water, you should not add anything even a teaspoon of sugar, tea neither.
(5) When you cannot think about the exact reasons, consult with a specialist.

*This article is translated from "Yamai hitokuchi Memo" p. 172-4, written by Shoji Kobayashi, 2005. Articles of the book were meant to be written for patients who came to Taishido Acupuncture Clinic.