Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Sternum Treatment

Today's topic of the advanced course was about "the sternum treatment".

When looking at the body in terms of yin and yang, each line of back shu points (the outer line, the inner line of bladder meridians, JJ line, GV line) is given each meaning, but the same thing can be said even when comparing it with the abdomen. The GV line, the pole of the yang side, the back, is used when the practitioner judges that the deficiency of Jin qi is severe from his/her experience. When the deficiency of Jin-qi progresses further, the treatment would be done on the CV line on the yin side. Even within the CV line, there are yin and yang; the sternum is on the yang area and the lower abdomen is on the yin area.

As well as the back shu points treatment, these CV points in the sternum also follow the abdominal diagnosis pattern. This treatment is very effective especially for patients who cannot lie on the prone position. In addition, the sternum treatment is used right after the outer line, without using GV line, so the choice of tools are also important; Teishin needle or Chinetsukyu. It is very difficult to use a filiform needle and tonetsu-kyu (heat penetrating moxa). For reference points, one should check Shaku mainly and reactions such as the bicipital groove. However, you have to be very careful for a female patients because of breasts and the underwear...

You might not use this treatment so often, but you have to be used with it in your practice so that you can use it when necessary.