Friday, September 14, 2012

Reference Points (4)

Reference points are not indicating symptoms of specific areas or something like so called specific points. Here, reference points are all the areas indicating the deficiency of Jin-qi.

So, if there are reference points, anywhere you see, all the areas are expressing the same thing. Extremely speaking, if you can evaluate one certain reference point for sure and deeply, it can be enough to do a treatment. However, when we try to observe the nature, certainly it is easier to grasp the actual condition with various data of different check points than a result of only one check point. This is the reason why we check many reference points.

Then, what happens if one misses one of reference points appeared on the whole body, for example? Jumping to conclusions, there would nothing wrong happen with it. If you can understand the deficiency of Jin-qi with other reference points for sure, it is no problem even if you miss one or two reference points. However, this is only when one can grasp the state of the deficiency of Jin qi.

Contrary speaking, even if you have various reference points to check and neither of them show the deficiency of Jin-qi, it would be the big problem. In such a case, following the procedure of Shakuju therapy may be meaningless. Even if Shakuju therapy is a good therapeutic methodology, you cannot get the treatment effect that you expected.

Reference points you learn in each class, are where you can relatively touch easily in the whole body to check the deficiency of Jin-qi. The first step is to be able to check them clearly. The basic skill is the most important to do anything. You don't need to hurry, so try to do it carefully.

** This article is translated from the Japanese Shakuju Association blog.