Saturday, December 10, 2011


If let us say, for example, points are where there exist pressure pain, you all will look for only pressure pains. If I say where is deficient, you would search only deficient points.

However, actual points include where are painful and where are deficient. Sometimes where are stiff, where are swollen, each of all these is a reaction of "point". You can never pick up only one reaction and say that a point is like this.

So, it is difficult to express in words. The only way is to touch many points to remember feelings of points touched by fingertips.

The same thing can be said to the pulse examination as well. If you limit information from the pulse only to the pulse rate, you end up knowing only the result of the pulse count. However, when you recognize the pulse is not only pulse rate, but the information resource to know the inside of the body, containing more information, even if it looks checking the same pulse rate, what you can get is quite different.
This means that things can be different depending on the perception of a viewer. Indeed, at first glimpse we seem like living in the same world, but each individual lives in each different world.

*This article is translated from Japanese Shakuju Association blog.