Friday, November 11, 2011

Contact Needling

Contact needling is the first step of Shakuju therapy, which is approaching the shallow qi, however, this is indeed the profound skill.

Shallow qi is the relative expression towards deep qi, but what is shallow depends on the skill of the practitioner. There is a famous story about contact needling by Kobayashi sensei, the treatment of the frozen shoulder. The story is like this...
A patient who could not raise his shoulder at all.. He said it was the "frozen shoulder".Kobayashi sensei started the treatment procedure as usual. At first, contact needling on the abdomen, he repeated it several times, then asked the patient to raise the shoulder. The patient could raise the arm and was very surprised. Then, Kobayashi sensei followed the treatment procedure, and finished the treatment.

It might not be the frozen shoulder called in Western medicine, however, it was the fact that the patient could raise the arm that he could not before the treatment. Even the symptoms mentioned above, if it did not take much time since the symptom began, do you think whether the disease is shallow?? Then, can any practitioner, who faces with a patient having such symptom, give the same treatment result?? Please consider a lot. 
When practitioners are used to clinical experiences, they tend to give an attention to use of back shu points, the treatment pattern and supplemental treatments that Kobayashi sensei found out recently. However, the stimulation of one acupuncture point makes the Jin-qi of the patient tonified in Shakuju therapy, so brushing up each skill of each step of the treatment procedure leads to the raise of treatment effect dramatically. I think this is the interesting point in the therapy. Rather, it is hyper-interesting.

How can we brush up the skill of contact needling, then? At first, (1) apply the pressure enough to the skin with the needle tip; however, though the tip of SJ needle is egg-rounded shape, the needle is needle, so it makes a patient painful when touched. So, (2) pull the skin enough with Oshide (pressing hand). To be able to cover these two points is the purpose of basic classes.
To be honest, needling randomly, and the pace of the speed are required in the more advanced level.

Perceiving the state of the abdomen with Oshide side, grasping the changing state of areas where contact needling passed with Sashide side, and the strength of each area, the speed, and breathing of a therapist when he/she can do all these mentioned above unconsciously, and projecting consciousness later on... The image that the needle extending from the contact area to the back, one that dropping a little stone to the surface of water and spreading like a ripple, and the infinite image from the abdomen to the whole body of the patient...

As a first glimpse, it might look like the same contact needling, but the difference is obvious. Please look at the movie of contact needling by Kobayashi sensei again, taking account of what is mentioned above.