Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Therapist's principles (1)

In the study room of Taishido acupuncture clinic, where acupuncturists and students come to learn Shakuju Therapy, there's a paper written about "therapist's principles" hung on the wall. This was written  by Kobayashi sensei in the newsletter called "Shakuju" published before.

"Therapist's principles" hung on the wall.

Let me introduce these "therapist's principles" little by little.

Principle 1. Not worth pursuing those who run away, accpet those who come to you.

You have to think reasons why some patients are leaving from you. This is because the effect of treatment is not what they expected. For those who come to you, according to physical strength of therapist's side, you have to face them with sincerity regardless of any personal appearance of patients.

That is, when the therapist's ability corresponds to the sick condition of the patient well, it would bring gratification to both sides, but on the other hand, when the patient's state exceeds the therapist's capability, patients often leave.

If patients who are satisfied with your treatment are sociable enough to introduce people, more and more patients would come to your clinic. You have to be plain and simple to everything, of course including money. With such a simple and open attitude, you can establish rapport with patients more. Try to face patients with happy and clean heart, and do not speak what the patient tell even to the patient's family members, such a fair attitute of keeping secret wins the patient's confidence.

The quality of  patients coming to the clinic represents the quality of the practitioner.

*This principle is applicable not only for therapist/ patient relationship, but also for the broader human relationship, such as the relationship among the study group or even master/disciple relationship.