Profile of President

President Shoji Kobayashi

Shoji Kobayashi, L.Ac., is president of Shakuju Association and a general manager of Shakuju Association in North America presently. He graduated from the Department of Economics, Sophia University in Japan in 1965 and graduated from Oriental Acupuncture and Moxibustion School in 1969. After his graduation from the teaching curriculum at Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Teacher Training School, Tokyo Kyoiku University (Tsukuba University) in 1972, he opened the Taishido Acupuncture Clinic with his colleague. In 1976 he started teaching acupuncture and moxibustion at Kanto Acupuncture College and found a new acupuncture system called Shakuju Therapy (SJT) at the college based on the thought of the “I Ching”.  He founded the Shakuju Association in 1980 in order to make SJT popular in Japan and the USA.  He was also appointed “Lecturer of Honor” at Kanto Acupuncture College.  Kobayashi sensei has an acupuncture practice at the Taishido Acupuncture Clinic in Tokyo for 40 years until this day.